One of the major benefits of Project Recruitment along with the flexibility it affords is that it comes with all the best bits of our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) model. That incudes our own recruitment experience and vast network of nuclear professionals, access to our established and highly experienced 2nd tier supply chain which includes a number of niche and specialist experienced, professional recruitment organisations.

It’s often the case that your recruitment strategy will need to run in tandem with your staffing requirements. We can assign a professional account manager to be based on your site for the duration of the campaign should your needs require it. We can also provide a truly flexible offering when you need to substantially increase headcount to deliver on project needs or a sudden period of growth or expansion to accommodate individual needs.

This type of collaboration gives you the best talent coverage to ensure your project needs are met whilst retaining Atomic Talent as your single point of contact. Further to enhanced candidate engagement, Project Recruitment also provides you with interview support, on-boarding assistance and retention advice. We are there from early planning stages and stay with you through agreed delivery milestones project completion and beyond.

Best of all, the work we do is under your own brand and the data we create and the database we build throughout the process remains yours.

Reduced overheads – You don’t have to hire your own recruiters to meet increased demand.

Scalable – Up-scale to meet your demand spikes and scale down when those needs are met

Talent pooling – Access to our talent pool and the tools to develop your own for the future

Simplicity – A Single point of contact, one set of terms, one point of contact, better reporting

Increased quality – We manage the outbound information resulting in higher quality candidates

We can provide expert interview training to managers ensuring the best candidates choose you

Collaboration – We work with you to promote and strengthen your brand in the market place.

Measurable – Service levels and milestones agreed and progress communicated at every stage