Here at atomictalent we are heavily invested in the nuclear sector. Our consultants have spent many years in the industry building strong relationships and some great friendships along the way.

We see the sector as a giant family pulling together with the same goals either ensuring the future of clean energy through the new build programme or the safe decommissioning of the existing nuclear estate.

Our own goal is to play a part in the growth and success of the nuclear sector and to place the best talent through strong partnerships with the industry’s finest employers.

We live in a dynamic world and understand that recruitment can sometimes be tricky to get right. At atomictalent our aim is to make this easer for you, to take a little of the pain out of recruitment planning and deliver results that not only meet the immediate need but consider the future needs of your business.

The recruitment industry has grown significantly over the past decade. The level of entry can be low and it’s often hard to find a recruitment company that truly understands your business.

In addition to having long-established agency recruitment backgrounds, our consultants have extensive experience working internally within some of the industries leading companies.

We’ve seen, first hand, how a project develops and is delivered, we know the importance of the services you provide to them and the environments you work in and what it means to have the best possible resources available at the right time

We’re not new to this. Our consultants have spent many years developing their professional networks and have worked extensively across the United Kingdom’s many nuclear sites. Our candidate network extends across all of the key areas of nuclear activity and is continually being developed to ensure that those hard to recruit for locations become less challenging to do business.