Why coach your hiring managers how to interview?

An interview is one of the most important early touch points for a candidate. It will define their perception of your business and will form the basis of their decision to either join you or look to your competitor.

Management time isn’t cheap. You want to know that your interviews are efficient and are returning the best results for your business and that your interview to hire ratios are the best they can be.

Our training covers:

Understanding your Employee Value Proposition and how it can be used in an interview to determine the right candidate for your requirements.

Pre-interview preparation, Interview techniques and Post interview actions in order to quickly and efficiently get through the recruitment process.

Training and information surrounding unconscious bias and body language; information that is extremely valuable and may otherwise be overlooked.

Assessment and feedback tools that provide a capability focused, and measurable, assessment platform that is focused on the role and future business needs

How to promote your business to a candidate, the use of language and positive reinforcement to ensure that you are more likely to get quality candidates.

Mock interview scenarios which will help you to feel more comfortable with interviewing techniques, and build upon your strengths as an effective hiring manager.