Our consultants have worked within the UK’s most successful and well-known nuclear organisations. They have worked in resource management and recruitment delivery across many different nuclear projects and joint venture partnerships. Being on the ground enables us to understand the complexities of project delivery and the costs of not delivering on time. The right person can transform a business and help it grow. This is what motivates us to improve your business.

Effective recruitment is achieved when the needs of businesses are properly understood. This  comes from open, honest communication and shared responsibility for a campaign’s success. We provide quality service, within a defined time whilst providing great value. All we ask in return is your commitment in providing the best possible information, to respond in good time and to treat each candidate with respect. They are, after all, passive ambassadors for both of our brands.

There is no “one size fits all” process in recruitment. Every role and every project has different demands and no two candidates are the same. We understand this and recognise that as a member of your supply chain, we have to be flexible to meet the needs of dynamic circumstances. We try and tailor each campaign to meet your needs, and we are always more than happy to discuss new ways of working together to achieve our  shared recruitment goals.